An In-Depth Look at the Featureless AR-15

Nov 20th 2019

S&B Products and Outdoor Implements found Mr. Frank Melloni's article and video about making the AR-15 featureless to be both objective and informative. You can read the article and watch the vide … read more

Install Video

Jan 18th 2017

Here at S&B Products and Outdoor Implements we especially like the First Look & Install Video put out by Deputy Matt.  We highly recommend you check out his other videos and the other sit … read more

Supreme Court Declined Challenge to Safe Act

Jun 26th 2016"It should be a demonstration to states across the nation that commonsense gun laws not only work, they are Constitutional." - Neal Todd, author of … read more

S&B Products on Fox News

Mar 15th 2016

The President of S&B Products has a few words with Fox News.  My favorite being: "I believe politicians should not write and pass laws about something they know nothing about."http://www.foxn … read more

NY Safe Act and California Penal Code

Mar 15th 2016

The NY Safe Act and the California Penal Code's definition of an Assault Weapon refers to weapons with certain design characteristics.  The AR-15 Receiver Spur, made by S&B Products, is a col … read more